The "F1" is a high definition, two-way monitor system special designed to meet the high demands of broadcast studios, OB vans and professional recording studios.

The "F1" gives a transparent sound and a wide stereo image.


Active two-way system
High continuous and peak output
Electronic compensated for
amplitude and phase
Toroidal mains-transformer with static screen
Audiophile components

Reference audio monitor
Broadcast studios
Compact-disc mastering
Audio postproduction suites
Jingle production

The system consists of a high degree tuned cabinet with a built in amplifier/crossover unit.

The "F1" can be delivered in two types of cabinets. A square angle version for free standing operation and a special 19-inch rack version.

The "F1" comprises an 8-inch woofer with a mineral filled polycone and a 25-mm dome tweeter housed in a vented cabinet.

An audiophile version of the 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filter, with a crossover frequency of 1850 Hz is built together with two power amplifiers in the speaker cabinet.

The balanced inputstage has an adjustable sensitivity from -10 dB to +12 dB.

With an equaliser corrections can be made in steps of 2 dB at 50 Hz.

The "F1" has a high pass filter with 3 selectable frequencies.

View the "F1" specification sheet.